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Someone come buy my MacBook.

— 4 days ago
Was trying to sell this guy my MacBook…

Now he’s just flirting with me.

So you want this mac or nah? My little black book don’t come with this MacBook sir.

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"I’m like the fly Malcolm X, buy any jeans necessary"
Kanye West
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It sucks not knowing if the person you love actually loves you in the way and strength that you love them or just because you happen to love them.


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Got called to photograph a video shoot yesterday at 3pm. Didnt even finish up and get home until 5am. 

I had to snap on a few dudes for being completely disrespectful towards the female models. (No matter how someone is dressed you should NOT touch them if they dont want to be touched)

But that aside I have some good pictures out of it and an amazing experience. 

— 1 week ago
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Spent all day setting up my mac and getting my work on it.

All of my work is gone.

Had to reinstall Photoshop

Halfway through my computer turns off.


I need to get lifted.

— 2 weeks ago
Nah son.

I’m not gonna play all fake and shit when it comes to Joan Rivers…

I thought she was very disrespectful, unfunny and insensitive.

Now everyone wants to call her a revolutionary…

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"Keep it real and don’t lie. Smoke blunts till I die"
Waka Flocka
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The Little Rascals 20th Anniversary Reunion

I am uncomfortable because Alfalfa got hot.

Ayyyyy what up Alfalfa ;)

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Skater with Rasta Neff hat says his RELIGION is rastafarianISM….


Please stop.

You can’t even address its ways properly or even know who Tafari Makonnen Woldemikae is.

Tell me who he is, his title, his stance and relationship with Marcus Garvey and Mussolini, and maybe just maybe I’ll consider about believing you.

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Joe | All The Things (Your Man Won’t Do)

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